1. General Provisions.

    This Agreement defines the sequence of services related to virtual money exchange, using the functionality of the Online Service.
    The Online Service means the online resource on the website for digital money transactions.
    User - a private or legal person willing to use the services and functions of the Online Service.
    In this Agreement, the User and the Online Service will be referred to as the "Parties".
    The parties agree that this Agreement in electronic form will have the same legal validity as a paper document to regulate business relationships between the Users (legal or natural person) and the party providing a particular type of service.
    This Agreement is a public offer, which the User registers by filling in and submitting an application, using the "Online Service" web resource, for exchange services provided by the Service.


2 The object of the Agreement

    The online resource provides exchange services.
    The User accepts transaction services from Online-resource, makes a payment for them, subject to the terms and conditions defined in the Agreement.

3. Rights and obligations of the Parties

    The Online Service shall:
    Perform conversion of electronic currencies of online payment systems. For example, Qiwi, Payeer, Perfect Money, or others in compliance with the standards specified in this Agreement.
    Provide technical and informational support to the User in the process of conducting money transfers using the resources of the Online Service.
    To provide keeping detailed data about the performed exchange transactions (individual information of the Users, the date and time of the exchange, their amount or other data) and to give it to the Users who carried out these transactions. Information about the money transfers conducted in any direction with different payment systems has the status of "Confidential" and is not subject to disclosure.
    Not to give information about the transactions to third parties. 4.

4. Warranties and Responsibilities of the Parties

    The Online Service accepts no responsibility (material or moral) for any incorrect use of its functions by the User, as well as for any mistakes made by him/her in the process of entering information into certain sections of the standard application form to exchange electronic funds. Even if the money has been credited to the wrong account, the transaction is not cancelled or refunded.
    The online service is not liable for any losses or any damages caused by the User's inability to use the equipment in general or its individual elements.
    The online service is not responsible for any actions of banks, institutions or online payment systems, which are the result of errors or delays in the transaction.
    The online service is not responsible for any costs, losses and lost profits incurred by the User if the User's opinion regarding the tariffs, profitability of the transactions and other individual circumstances is incorrect.
    The online service is not responsible for any costs of various kinds incurred due to errors or hiccups in the execution of wire transfers or payments.

5. Changes in data

    The managers of the Online Service may supplement or change this Agreement at any time. At the same time, the changes made shall become effective and usable only after they have been published on the website.
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